Learn from an Indian-born entrepreneur, who raised 35 mn Euros Venture Capital in Germany (2/2)

Learn from an Indian-born entrepreneur, who raised 35 mn Euros Venture Capital in Germany

„Hessen is the natural home for startups and entrepreneurs“
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus

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The Startup Founder

Our interview partner is again Gunjan Bhardwaj (https://www.linkedin.com/in/gunjan-bhardwaj-b321a32/), not the actor. He is a former EY and BCG consultant, as well as a TED speaker. He likes to work a lot, so he is also the author of the book “Inside the Cockpit: Navigating the Complexity of Drug Development with AI and Blockchain” (https://amzn.to/2QYI1eL). 

“Frankfurt … it is the center of Europe, it is so super connected.”
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus



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„Everybody has to chart his or her own course. I am a deep believer in instinct.“
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


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Interview Part 1

This is part two of a series of interviews with Gunjan. You find part one of our interview here:


“… but I also have to say that investors in this part of the world look at the long term picture … but once they are convinced, they are partners for the long term”
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


One Day Commute to New York

One of the things Gunjan likes about Frankfurt is its great connectivity. With the connections of Frankfurt Airport (IATA Code FRA, therefore know as Fraport) you can get on a plane, meet in New York in the afternoon and be back in Frankfurt early the next morning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraport


Germany is one of the best places to start a company.
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


Advice in Fundraising

Innoplexus counts among its investors HCS (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/hcs-beteiligungsgesellschaft), as well as Christian Angermayer of Aperion (https://www.crunchbase.com/person/christian-angermayer), as well as EOS VC (https://vc.eos.io/partners/finlab/), the venture capital arm of Block.one.  According to a report by FAZ they have already raised 35 mn Euros and are looking for 40 million more (https://www.faz.net/aktuell/wirtschaft/unternehmen/start-up-innoplexus-ein-google-der-pharmabranche-16473990.html).


„No funding event is easy, but what is easy in life?“
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


Gunjan strongly recommends doing your due diligence, he likes to quote one of his teachers who said that assuming means „making an ass of you and me” 😊. He recommends you agree with your investor on a vision for the future of the company. The personal chemistry between an investor and a founder is especially important as well. It is especially important to have a heart to heart conversations with your investors because there will always be difficult times. A founder requires a very honest conversation in difficult times and a common vision and good personal chemistry help.


„You should be very factual; you should question everything.“
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


The Video Interview is set to go live on May 21st  19.00 CET (1 PM Eastern, 18.00 London)


May 21st is in 2020 also a public holiday in Germany – Ascension Day. This is also the day, where in Germany Father’s Day is celebrated. So happy Fathersday to all Fathers out there!

Note on German customs: Ascension day is calculated according to the moon calendar and therefore not on a fixed date, but rather a Thursday in May.


There is a very serious startup culture here in Frankfurt
Gunjan Bhardwaj – Founder and CEO Innoplexus


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