NGRAVE offers the most secure end-to-end solution in the world for managing digital assets

NGRAVE offers the most secure end-to-end solution in the world for managing digital assets

You cannot brute force our private keys.
You cannot predict our private keys.
The private key is generated on the spot, even we as the manufacturer do not know your private key.
There are no back-doors in our device.
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


The Founder

This time we talk to Ruben Merre, the CEO and Co-Founder (, of NGRAVE (, which offers a highly secure solution to manage one’s digital assets. Ruben originally stared out with a business engineering degree. He not only worked as a strategy consultant, contributor to Hackernoon ( but also is a bestseller online investment instructor at UDEMY (

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In 2019 a record 4.5 bn US$ in cryptocurrencies was stolen… we still see the same trend. Hacks are increasing in size and in frequency …
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE



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There are no solutions to own your crypto, how it should be.
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


The Startup

Officially the startup NGRAVE (,´), based out of Brussels, Belgium. The story started as the former project of one of the three co-founders was hacked and approximately 10 million US$ worth in Ethereum was stolen. The old project was shut down and NGRAVE was founded to provide a secure way of storing digital or crypto assets.

Venture Capital Funding

NGRAVE is looking for funding in the second half of 2020.


There are no backdoors in our product.
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


Indiegogo Campaign

At the time of the interview, the campaign was not yet launched. At the time of the publication the campaign already ended, but they raised more than 380.000 € (more than 450.000 US$), achieving more than 1.500% of their goal of 25.000 € (


Our device looks like a small smartphone. The device is completely disconnected from the world, so no hacker can access it. …. Nobody can ever steal the private keys, because they are never exposed.
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE

Pre-order the Device (NGRAVE Zero)

For everybody who missed the Campaign, you can buy the device here:
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The Video Interview is set to go live on Thursday, August 27th 19.00 CET

You generate your private key at first activation of your NGRAVE Zero. Your biometric data like your fingerprint, but also external data like the ambient lighting at that moment. That makes statistically a unique key.
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE

The Audio Podcast

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We build our backup as a stainless-steel puzzle. It survives if your house burns down and since it is a puzzle – no one who random finds it – will know your private key
Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


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The Interviewer

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