Cyreen provides brick and mortar retailers with analytics for offline shopping carts

Cyreen provides brick and mortar retailers with analytics for offline shopping carts

We analyze shopping behaviour based on the contact with an in-store commercial. Our system does not even know if you are male or female.
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen


Cyreen establishes a data-driven retail media standard for consumer brands in supermarkets. Courtesy of Cyreen

The Founder

We talk to Davide Scheidegger (, who is originally from Switzerland, but now lives in Wiesbaden, working with his other co-founders on their startup Cyreen ( They provide with movement tracking of shopping carts and in-store-advertisements, analytics for brick and mortar retailers, as well as for retail brands.



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This is kind of the best advertisement in Germany, when you say: “Today you save 20%”
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen


The Startup

Cyreen is an analytics software for inside a brick and mortar retailer. The tool tracks (anonymized) shopping carts and analyze customer behavior in the market. They can also show advertisements to the clients inside the retailer on small screens and track their efficiency. Cyreen can also include outside parameters e.g. temperature.

Cyreen is an award-winning start-up that provides transparent, measurable and close-to-purchase marketing solutions for advertisers. They successfully launched their first product C.A.P. (Connecting Ad-Impressions with Purchase) in several stores. With C.A.P., they have developed a high-end digital signage system. For the first time, detailed advertising effectiveness analyses for offline marketing are possible according to the online logic of Facebook & Co.

We normally don’t talk to our clients directly, but via our ad & media agencies.
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen


Davide refers to this advertisement of Wiesenhof, which they helped to measure in store

Atze Schröder Wiesenhof, was one of the commercials measured by Cyreen in-store:


More information on their tool CAP – Connecting Ad-Impressions with Purchase (Cyreen is the name of the company)


A study by the University of St. Gallen. The link will open a PDF.


We even tested the advertisement for ice cream in winter.
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen



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Even though I have not been to Wiesbaden before, I fell in love with the city instantly. Mainz is not too far away and the wine is great.
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen

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We normally don’t talk to our clients … but to their ad agencies.
Davide Scheidegger, Co-Founder Cyreen




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The Interviewer

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