Quoscient helps to analyze, investigate and respond to cyber-threats

QuoScient helps to analyze, investigate and respond to cyber-threats


Attackers are devious… During the current health crisis, they are going after health institutions and hospitals. They don’t basically care that they are doing damage to people who have already health problems.

Ioannis Bizimis, Co-Founder QuoScient



The Founder

In this interview, we are talking to Ioannis Bizimis (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ioannis-bizimis-6423527/, https://twitter.com/defense_active), the Co-Founder, CFO, CRO, and  CISO of QuoScient.

Ioannis has been an Investment Manager, project lead with Dow Jones, with MarkIt, an employee of Deutsche Bank and other well-regarded companies. He has a lot of experience and with this experience, he started to set up QuoScient.


One of the biggest strategies [of hackers] is to come into your network and stay there and install as many backdoors as they can. They will use them when they need it.
Ioannis Bizimis, Co-Founder QuoScient



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It costs hackers just a few hundred Dollars or Euros to build up an attack campaign. The effort on the other side is thousands, sometimes millions to understand this kind of campaign.

Ioannis Bizimis, Co-Founder QuoScient 


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The Startup

QuoScient (https://www.quoscient.io/, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/quoscient)  is a cybersecurity startup, which recently split into three parts to better pursue their respective activities. Two of those entities are still headquartered in Frankfurt, one in Columbia, Maryland (close to Baltimore). They basically split along their business lines:


[A company] first must understand what their most critical assets are and what are the [cyber] risks to those assets.

Ioannis Bizimis, Co-Founder QuoScient


Venture Capital Funding

QuoScient has just raised venture capital. They may be looking at another funding round in the fall of 2020. If you want to keep posted, reach out to us.


Threats can not only come from the outside. Capable hackers can also send you someone, pretending to work for you as contractor. … they do this professionally.

Ioannis Bizimis, Co-Founder QuoScient


The Video Interview is set to go live on July 2nd, 2020 19.00 CET




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