Ginmon provides automated and personal online wealth management

Ginmon provides automated and personal online wealth management


We build a platform, that totally automizes the wealth management process.
Lars Reiner, CEO and Founder of Ginmon


The founder

Joe from talks to Lars (, the CEO and Founder of the Frankfurt-based rob advisor Ginmon ( Lars started out as a management consultant inside of Deutsche Bank, in their unit called in-house-consulting, focusing on their retail business.


Our clients are wealthy, but not wealthy enough to qualify for traditional wealth management.
Lars Reiner, CEO and Founder of Ginmon



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There was no one at my company interested in what is today robo advisors, so I started my own and do not regret it until this day.
Lars Reiner, CEO and Founder of Ginmon


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The Startup

Ginmon (, is a Robo Advisor, catering to the mass affluent. They are wealthy enough to have money to invest, but in Germany, the normal threshold to enter the wealth management services of large banks is 2 million Euros, and they do not qualify yet.

Ginmon wants to be the online financial advisor for this clientele. Therefore, they became fully licensed as a wealth manager in 2017, by German financial services oversight body BaFin. They now have an investment volume of more than 100 mn Euros for approx. 5.000 clients, according to their website. According to Lars, they have approx. 15% of the share of wallet of their clients, which they aim to increase.


After our business model has been proven with a couple of hundred customers on our platform, we raised our first funding with Passion Capital from London, known for their investments e.g. in Monzo
Lars Reiner, CEO and Founder of Ginmon


Video Interview (available on June 11th 19.00 Frankfurt, 1 pm New York, 18.00 London)


The Audio Podcast will go live on June 16th

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Six Million Venture Capital Financing

Ginmon published (at the day of the recording) a Series A funding worth 6 mn Euros, including old investors and a new investor from Russia. During the interview, we talk about what the new investor did right


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In Germany we still have a lot of commission based financial advice.
Lars Reiner, CEO and Founder of Ginmon




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