Mainstage Incubator helps to build World-Changing Startups right in the heart of Europe

We called our initial offering “Sales as a Service.”

Swen Wegner, CEO and Founder Mainstage Incubator

Mainstage Incubator helps startups to conquer Europe

Whether your startup is from India, Bangladesh, Brazil, the United States, Argentina, Korea, South Africa, or even New Zealand, you can start exploring the German and European Market with the digital program of Mainstage Incubator.

The Founder

In this interview, we are talking to Swen Wegner (, Founder and CEO of Mainstage Incubator (, which is a relatively new incubator headquartered in Frankfurt, in the heart of Europe. Swen is half Indian, half German, and spent parts of his life in both countries. He spent his time in India for example in Kerala (


The interview was remotely recorded during a time of partial lockdown in Germany, due to Covid19.


In the past, he has worked for large multinational corporations, as well as small startups. He refers to a “founder you may know” to (we interviewed the founder Vishal Ray, at this time they were still called Acellere). You find both interviews, dating back to March 2019 below:


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The Incubator

 As a pilot we positioned some Indian startups to German corporates.

Swen Wegner, CEO and Founder Mainstage Incubator


Mainstage Incubator is a distributed company. They have offices in Frankfurt, Germany, and India. They stared out, presenting Indian startups to German corporate customers. Now they help startups from all over the world to present themselves to German customers, to bridge the cultural gap.

Their goals are

  1. To find clients in Germany, and from here in Europe
  2. The ultimate goal is to bring international startups physically to Germany, so they can expand all over Europe.
  3. Bring startup from Germany to India

The Mainstage Incubator already signed partnership agreements with Argentina, Columbia, Japan Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and now the United States.


Apply here for the Mainstage Incubator

You can apply to the Mainstage Incubator right here


The Video Interview is set to go live on May 5th, 19.00 Frankfurt Local time (18.00 London, 1 pm New York, 10 am San Francisco)


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We give the Indian startups hints on how to wrap up a meeting with a German corporate in 30 minutes with a sale.

Swen Wegner, CEO and Founder Mainstage Incubator

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Further Listening

Interviews with Swen’s former boss, he refers to Vishal during the interview. At the time of posting this interview, the startup has still been called Acellere, now it is known as

Part 1


Part 2



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