Follow-Up with the Bloomberg of Crypto – CoinAnalyst

Follow-Up with the Bloomberg of Crypto – CoinAnalyst

After the interview in 2018, we entered the crypto winter.
Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst


The Founder

This interview is a follow-up to our interview in July 2018. At this time we talked with Pascal about the upcoming ICO of CoinAnalyst. Pascal Lauria ( is the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinAnalyst (, the Frankfurt-based startup still wants to be the “Bloomberg for Crypto.”


The last few years for Crypto has been extremely hard.
Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst



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During the Crypto Winter, no one wanted to talk or hear about Crypto. … I was advised to reflect that in my pitch deck.
Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst


The Startup 

CoinAnalyst (, the Frankfurt-based startup still wants to be the “Bloomberg for Crypto.” They are themselves a spin-off of Frankfurt-based startup Cogia (, which was also founded by Pascal, where he is still the CEO. CoinAnalyst claims to have created a unique tool that helps crypto investors make more accurate predictions while trading. On their platform, they show Trends, Sentiment, Influencer talk about Crypto Currencies, Word Signals, Forecasts, and AI filtered high impact news.

This all together is applicable to crypto coins, stocks and forex. They also have the COY token (, which they issued during the ICO in 2018.


Disclaimer on Coins and Tokens

Please seek professional advice, before jumping into the risky crypto space. You may want to talk to your investment advisor, as well as your tax advisor. The investments in crypto-assets are always very risky and could lead to a loss of all of your investments in a very short time. Please make your research and due diligence! This podcast provides no investment advice.


Initial Exchange Offering

At the time of publication, the COY token will have made its debut on a new crypto exchange, called an IEO ( at LaToken Exchange (

Additionally, they are going to “burn” one billion COYs from the hard cap ( In Equities, this would be called a “reverse split” ( two for one.


Pascals and Joe’s advice – Mediation

Just put on your headphones and listen to a guided meditation to get you relaxed and sleep better and deeper.

For example here is one channel Joe likes:


The Video Interview is set to go live on September 14th 2020 19.00 CET (Frankfurt/Zürich)


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Interview form 2018

You can find the interview, announcing their ICO, here

According to Pascal they raised more than one million Euros in cash and did a lot of swaps (meaning the exchange of COY tokens for other tokens). None the less, they did not raise as much money as they wanted to. They coined their token for 0.01$ and at the time of the recording was trading at approx. $0.002 (according to two years down the road. Until recently (this interview will go live on September 15th) it was only available on one exchange.



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The Interviewer

This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Reach out to him:

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