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    This Month in German Startups – Summer 2020 (July, August, September)

    This Month in German Startups – Summer 2020 Wrap-Up

    Welcome to this month in German Startups by Startuprad.io – in a transatlantic news recording with Chris in New York City.

    Today we are wrapping up summer 2020 for you. This is going to take a bit longer than normal, so grab a coffee and relax on the couch. 

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    Top News

    Coronavirus / Curevac 

    Curevac was one of the biggest startup stories during the summer. They are a Tübingen, Germany-based biotech company, working on a coronavirus vaccine. 
    They IPOed for more than 200 mn US$ (https://buff.ly/3iUsus6

    They got visited by Elon Musk (https://buff.ly/3cjMdzf

    And we already blogged about their government investment in June (https://buff.ly/3iY0y6Q)

    And they received a large investment pre-IPO by two international heavy weights: 

    • Pre-IPO: Qatar Investment Authority takes stake in vaccine-maker CureVac https://buff.ly/3jnYZzD 
    • Glaxosmithkline (GSK) pays 142 mn Euro for 10% stake in one of #Germany’s most promising candidates for a #coronavirus #vaccine Curevac from Tuebingen https://buff.ly/3homvLk 

    Coronavirus / Potential super spreader event in the Berlin startup scene?

    deutsche-startups reports in their podcast, that a super-spreader event took place in the Berlin Venture Capital and startup scene on Friday, September 11th https://buff.ly/2ElAxzc 



    We keep you updated, just a small selection of news here

    • Wirecard’s liquidator sends employees into garden leave without pay via email after 20.00 o’clock. Rumors talk about 50% of the more than 1.000 employees https://buff.ly/34wB7F6
      Related: Wirecard scandal fallout sees 50% of German staff laid off https://buff.ly/3hvG30v
    • Wirecard liabilities exceeding the assets by 2.8 bn Euro, only a few of the companies within the group had revenues at all says an expert assessment obtained by German media  https://buff.ly/2EzLhKv  
    • Berlin-based Finleap snapped up some employees there:
      Finleap starts a new unit Finleap Forward, with former Wirecard employees to help banks, insurers and SMEs with their digital transformation https://buff.ly/2QsWkra
      More details emerged: Finleap hired a team of six employees of the Wirecard Innovation Labs to help banks, insurance companies, and SMEs with their digital transformation https://buff.ly/3hza2EY
    • Berlin-based big data startup SO1 was bought shortly before the accounting scandal, now the founders bought assets back https://buff.ly/32JMcl0 
    • More than 100 potential bidders lined up to acquire parts of #Wirecard, Germany’s erstwhile fintech darling” https://buff.ly/3g5kbsa 
    • German finance supervisor #bafin reports suspicion of insider trading before denial of attestation to Munich prosecutor https://buff.ly/2ZsS0NO 
    • In September a German court froze the private assets of Markus Braun (former CEO). In total authorities froze “more than 100 mn Euros” worth of assets from four people and three shareholders https://buff.ly/33MNRWd 


    Auto1 – Berlin-based Unicorn – plans it’s IPO (Jörn)

    But there is also happier news from Germany: 

    • New details on the planned IPO of #Berlin-based Auto1 emerged. They hired Citi and Goldman for the IPO, looking at a valuation of 5 bn € https://buff.ly/3bO1HLn 
    • Related: They are looking to IPO in Frankfurt
      Auto1 likely preparing for IPO in Frankfurt – AIM Group https://buff.ly/356cBuV 



    Germany’s formerly most valuable fintech has to file for insolvency

    Monedo Holding (formerly Kreditech, and at this time Germany’s most valuable fintech) has been in trouble for some time now, but they had to open insolvency proceedings at the beginning of September https://buff.ly/3bGsUj1 



    1. A network of Digital Hubs
    2. It’s all about collaboration
    3. Access to industry leaders
    4. Leading in deep tech solutions
    5. Government support 



    Note: The order of news and cities is only due to the time when we discovered the news, rather than anything else.


    • Startup Genome: Global Startup Ecosystem Report:
      Top 7 startup cities keep their ranking in 2020 — but new players are on the rise https://buff.ly/2ZaUhfd
      Frankfurt makes Top 20 Knowledge and Top 30 Funding
      Berlin making No 16 – Overall
      Bern Geneva from Switzerland and Munich are also doing well
    • Deutsche Bank buys stake in Frankfurt-based Supply Chain #financing #fintech Traxpay https://buff.ly/3g6loPR  No further deal details (e.g. price) have been disclosed
    • German business magazine Capital tested 34 robo-advisors. Out of those three #Frankfurt-based made it in the top group – all offspring of traditional asset manager or private banks Visualvest, Zeedin and Bevestor https://buff.ly/2ODZVSx  
    • Business Insider Ranking: Top 100 fastest growing companies in Germany. From the Frankfurt Area
      No 12 Stoertebekker Shaving Accessories (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_St%C3%B6rtebeker)
      No 33 ChemSQURE
      No 46 WiWin
      No 49 Meshcloud (Learn more about Meshcloud here https://buff.ly/2X2DMQA
    • “Frankfurt’s FinTech Agora Innovation, with its iVE.ONE platform has brought a stock corporation to the Blockchain for the first time in the European Economic Area.” https://buff.ly/33AlUkg
      Related Interview on upcoming law for tokenization of securities https://buff.ly/339VKVr 
    • Brockhaus Capital Management lPOs in Frankfurt in Prime Standard. They raise 115 mn Euros to invest in mid-sized tech companies https://buff.ly/2B5fq2I 

    Darmstadt (also Rhine-Main Area)

    • Boston Dynamics, Merck, and the Darmstadt based robotics software startup Energy Robotics cooperate successfully on an autonomous inspection robot https://buff.ly/32fCoP8
    • You can learn more about the startup here in our interview https://buff.ly/2ZscWo2


    • Start-up Roadjet from Stuttgart: Offers luxury long-distance bus connections for the price of a ticket 2nd class of DB (Germany’s rail operator) https://buff.ly/3jw13FK 


    • Goldman Sachs invests the majority of new 70,5 mn Euros #VentureCapital in Bonn-based IT startup Leanix. The company provides cloud-based solutions for Bosch, VW, consultancies, and others https://buff.ly/2Zrz0iW
      Related (same news, another source):
      Goldman Sachs, Insight Partners, DTCP, Capnamic Ventures and Iris Capital invest 80 mn US$ in LeanIX, bringing the total to 120 mn. The company offers software to optimize IT structures. https://buff.ly/38DzNQQ



    • Munich-based 2trde – a competitor of Berlin’s Auto1 – raises 2.5 mn Euros with Israel-based VC Maniv Mobility as lead investor https://buff.ly/2ZLktxC


    Bruchsal (a city with a population of less than 45.000 people) 

    • German drone startup Volocopter is now accepting reservations for electric air taxi flights https://buff.ly/2EdwF3n 


    • Hamburg-based PaketButler a rental box – working as a mailbox for parcels – is shut down. The service will be stopped end of September https://buff.ly/3latFoV 


    • Since Trier appears here for the first time, let us give you a very brief overview: It is an old city, founded by the Romans and famous for their still standing black city gate, called Porta Nigra. It is a city of approx. 115.000 people, close to the border of Luxembourg
    • Two local banks from Trier invest 3,5 mn Euros in LivEye, a local startup providing video surveillance https://buff.ly/3k9D7sj 



    Startup Mannheim re-branded to Next Mannheim and we have been invited. You will hear more about them in the future. https://next-mannheim.de/en/ 



    • We interviewed #Berlin-based #challenger Bank Bitwala in April, now they are offering 2% interest on savings accounts when other banks are asking for money to hold savings https://buff.ly/3k4MPvh
      Our interview https://buff.ly/307a5Sa 
    • Deutsche Bank gets double hit in digital strategy:
      1) They shut down their investment the virtual wallet startup Yunar
      2) Zeitgold, the accounting software pivots
      Related article to Zeitgold: Zeitgold main product was shut down despite having raised 27 mn Euro Venture Capital. For outsiders a surprise, but there is an article speaking of „absolute chaos“ before the decision https://buff.ly/33HYlaL 
    • Listed tech company Teamviewer buys Bremen-based data glasses startup Ubimax for 136 mn Euros (of which 86 mn in cash) https://buff.ly/38ZKjCd
    • Bonds Bonds Bonds
      Delivery Hero wants to raise up to 1.5 bn € with a convertible note https://buff.ly/3iH1X1X
      Zalando sells bonds worth 1 bn € https://buff.ly/31fIgX7 
    • Hedosophia from London has been one of the most important investors in the #German #fintech scene. Now Finance FWD revealed Michael Bloomberg being one of the investors behind the company https://buff.ly/3l5Kam2 
    • Berlin-based traveltech Omio raises 84 mn Euros. Investors include Temasek, Kinnevik, Goldman Sachs and Kleiner Perkins https://buff.ly/323BCUh 
    • Henkel buys 75% of beauty product brand HelloBody https://buff.ly/3iaHjpX – Henkel produces many household names from washing powder (Persil), to glue (Pattex, Pritt) to detergents (Pril, Biff) and even wallpaper paste (Metylan) 
    • FinanceFWD takes a look into Kinnevik’s reports and looks at the impact of the fintech valuation using DCF https://buff.ly/3jssTTF
      Deposit Solutions valued at 450 mn € ( Deutsche Bank invested in September for 1 bn Euros)
      Betterment valued at 666 mn Euros (a drop of 100 mn Euros)
    • Siemens to cooperate with Berlin-based fintech Raisin on pensions https://buff.ly/3jp79ru find the interview with the founder of raisin here: https://www.startuprad.io/interviews/raisin-financial-crises-inspired-former-partner-large-consultancy-jump-ship-found-startup/ 
    • Berlin-based Sequoia investment, the travel tech startup Tourlane is in trouble, but it’s founder is optimistic. 80% of its clients are booking long-distance trips. They are back to 20-30% of pre-corona business https://buff.ly/2Fxa6HD 
    • Freeletics raises 25 mn Venture Capital to extend the offering to Japan, North, and South America. Press speculates on additional sports like yoga or running for the app that offers individualized coaching for athletes. https://buff.ly/32JT2qF  
    • Delivery Hero picks up Glovo’s LatAm ops for $272M in latest food delivery consolidation – TechCrunch https://buff.ly/2FFIFLw 
    • Berlin-based startup Sennder has bought a chunk of Uber https://buff.ly/3c5aM2N
      “Berlin-based startup sennder has acquired Uber’s European freight business in an all-stock transaction that will see the freight forwarder extend its dominance in the European market.
      As part of the transaction, sennder will become a minority shareholder in Uber and the companies have agreed to a customer referral programme, where sennder will refer US freight customers to Uber and vice versa. “
    • Rocket Internet half-year report:
      9 startups shut down, 5 new
      startup equity valuation took a 85 mn hit
      Rocket Internet Capital Partners (VC Fund) spent only 15% of it’s money so far (closed end of 2019)
      They gave out loans worth 70 mn, avg. 9.3% interest rate
    • CHECK24 – Germany’s largest online comparison platform – is planning to attack startups in their market – tax filing, and compensation for delayed flights https://buff.ly/3hsyUhI 
    • Jacob Fatih was a refugee, then he founded fitness chain FitX in Essen, Germany. Now he wants to help start 1.000 startups there with an incubator named Crealize.  https://buff.ly/32lA5sF 
    • Employees at German fintech Taxfix cash out 3.8 mn € after share buyback | Sifted https://buff.ly/3kvi1Vq 
    • Apeiron Investment Group raises 125 mn Euro #VentureCapital fund to invest in #German #tech companies. The investors include Peter Thiel https://buff.ly/39XIDt8 
    • There was a bug in the IT of N26. Reportedly up to 300 employees could look into personal account information of clients and other employees since they lacked encryption in October 2019 for one week https://buff.ly/3gYbzDM 

    Stay ahead of the curve

    Follow-Up with the Bloomberg of Crypto – CoinAnalyst

    Follow-Up with the Bloomberg of Crypto – CoinAnalyst

    After the interview in 2018, we entered the crypto winter.
    Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst


    The Founder

    This interview is a follow-up to our interview in July 2018. At this time we talked with Pascal about the upcoming ICO of CoinAnalyst. Pascal Lauria (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pascallauria/) is the CEO and Co-Founder of CoinAnalyst (https://coinanalyst.tech/en/insights/), the Frankfurt-based startup still wants to be the “Bloomberg for Crypto.”


    The last few years for Crypto has been extremely hard.
    Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst



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    During the Crypto Winter, no one wanted to talk or hear about Crypto. … I was advised to reflect that in my pitch deck.
    Pascal Lauria, CEO and Co-Founder CoinAnalyst


    The Startup 

    CoinAnalyst (https://coinanalyst.tech/en/insights/), the Frankfurt-based startup still wants to be the “Bloomberg for Crypto.” They are themselves a spin-off of Frankfurt-based startup Cogia (https://www.cogia.de/de/), which was also founded by Pascal, where he is still the CEO. CoinAnalyst claims to have created a unique tool that helps crypto investors make more accurate predictions while trading. On their platform, they show Trends, Sentiment, Influencer talk about Crypto Currencies, Word Signals, Forecasts, and AI filtered high impact news.

    This all together is applicable to crypto coins, stocks and forex. They also have the COY token (https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/coinanalyst), which they issued during the ICO in 2018.


    Disclaimer on Coins and Tokens

    Please seek professional advice, before jumping into the risky crypto space. You may want to talk to your investment advisor, as well as your tax advisor. The investments in crypto-assets are always very risky and could lead to a loss of all of your investments in a very short time. Please make your research and due diligence! This podcast provides no investment advice.


    Initial Exchange Offering

    At the time of publication, the COY token will have made its debut on a new crypto exchange, called an IEO (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Initial_exchange_offering) at LaToken Exchange (https://latoken.com/).

    Additionally, they are going to “burn” one billion COYs from the hard cap (https://academy.binance.com/glossary/hard-cap). In Equities, this would be called a “reverse split” (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/reversesplit.asp) two for one.


    Pascals and Joe’s advice – Mediation

    Just put on your headphones and listen to a guided meditation to get you relaxed and sleep better and deeper.

    For example here is one channel Joe likes: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4jWo5kiyOCt4PnvF4jbaLg


    The Video Interview is set to go live on September 14th 2020 19.00 CET (Frankfurt/Zürich)



    The Audio Interview will go live at the same time

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    Interview form 2018

    You can find the interview, announcing their ICO, here


    According to Pascal they raised more than one million Euros in cash and did a lot of swaps (meaning the exchange of COY tokens for other tokens). None the less, they did not raise as much money as they wanted to. They coined their token for 0.01$ and at the time of the recording was trading at approx. $0.002 (according to CoinGeko.com) two years down the road. Until recently (this interview will go live on September 15th) it was only available on one exchange.



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    The Interviewer

    This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Startuprad.io. Reach out to him:

    The German Bill to Permit Crypto Securities

    The German Bill to Permit Crypto Securities

    In terms of large countries, Germany is a fast mover in blockchain legislation
    Philipp Sandner, Blockchain Expert

    Labor Day Special

    Since the USA are one of our biggest markets we publish some specials on federal holidays. This is one of those occasions. Despite this we stick to our publication of Video on Thursday and podcast the following night, so you all have the content on your devices the next morning.

    Our Guest

    Currently, there is a piece of legislation in the law-making process, to permit securities issued on the blockchain in Germany. Due to this step, we talk to Philipp Sandner (https://www.linkedin.com/in/philippsandner/), a blockchain expert, Professor of Frankfurt School of Management and Finance, Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, Member Fintech Council (FinTechRat) of the German Federal Ministry of Finance, and member of several expert groups on the blockchain.

    The Bill to become Germany’s Crypto Securities Law

    We are talking about a bill to revolutionize the German capital market since you could move existing securities on the blockchain, as well as emit securities completely without „paper“ on the blockchain. The new system is designed so that also startups also could run blockchains for crypto securities.

    You can find the proposed bill in German here: https://www.bundesfinanzministerium.de/Content/DE/Gesetzestexte/Gesetze_Gesetzesvorhaben/Abteilungen/Abteilung_VII/19_Legislaturperiode/2020-08-11-einfuehrung-elektronische-wertpapiere/0-Gesetz.html

    The US is lagging behind in terms of legislation, but they have some great startups in terms of crypto trading and crypto securities.
    Philipp Sandner, Blockchain Expert

    The Video interview will go live on Labor Day 2020 (September 7th) at 19.00 CET


    The Audio Interview is set to go live on the same day

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    Current Situation

    During our interview, Philipp refers to an already existing law in Germany, for which you can find an article here on the website of the German finance oversight body BaFin.

    The small country of Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein, a country of fewer than 50.000 people (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liechtenstein), nestled in the Alps between Austria and Switzerland. The whole country of Liechtenstein is just 2.7 times larger than the Island of Manhattan (http://www.comparea.org/LIE+r2552485#:~:text=Liechtenstein%20is%202.7%20times%20larger%20than%20Manhattan%20(NYC%20borough).&text=Liechtenstein%20is%202.7%20times%20larger%20than%20Manhattan%20(NYC%20borough)). The capital Vaduz has a population of fewer than 6.000 people (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vaduz), but you should not underestimate them.

    Liechtenstein is leading in Europe in Crypto-Legislation

    Philipp takes a few minutes in our interview to bring the point home, but Liechtenstein and Switzerland are leading in Europe in Crypto Legislation, followed by countries from Baltic states. Not far behind in Germany with the bill we discuss. For further reference, here is the Liechtenstein Token Act: https://impuls-liechtenstein.li/en/blockchain-act-liechtenstein/


    Future Situation

    The law will likely come into force in January 2021. There are small changes to be expected, but the law should pass mostly in the current form, according to observers. This will allow for the conversion of normal securities, we assume bonds in the interview, can be converted in crypto securities early next year. Also, the issuance of crypto securities can happen early next year. We are excited about the opportunity.


    EU Perspective

    In September 2020 the European Commission is trying to catch up in digital services. There are multiple proposals and strategies on the European Level coming up. Out of those Philipp names seven landmark proposals from the European Commission this September.

    There are seven landmark proposals coming from the European Commission in September 2020.
    Philipp Sandner, Blockchain Expert

    With the current bill, Germany may be more than three years ahead of European legislation.

    Further Readings

    Former appearances Summer School 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3plqKBpWFI

    Medium Blog https://medium.com/@philippsandner

    Custody of „crypto values“ aka cryptocurrencies in Germany – an English overview by the German financial services oversight body BaFin https://www.bafin.de/SharedDocs/Veroeffentlichungen/EN/Merkblatt/mb_200302_kryptoverwahrgeschaeft_en.html




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    The Interviewer

    This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder and host of Startuprad.io. Reach out to him:

    NGRAVE offers the most secure end-to-end solution in the world for managing digital assets

    NGRAVE offers the most secure end-to-end solution in the world for managing digital assets

    You cannot brute force our private keys.
    You cannot predict our private keys.
    The private key is generated on the spot, even we as the manufacturer do not know your private key.
    There are no back-doors in our device.
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


    The Founder

    This time we talk to Ruben Merre, the CEO and Co-Founder (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruben-merre/, https://medium.com/ngrave) of NGRAVE (https://www.ngrave.io/), which offers a highly secure solution to manage one’s digital assets. Ruben originally stared out with a business engineering degree. He not only worked as a strategy consultant, contributor to Hackernoon (https://hackernoon.com/u/ruben.merre) but also is a bestseller online investment instructor at UDEMY (https://www.udemy.com/user/rubenmerre/).

    This interview is part of our ongoing media partnership with Accelerator Frankfurt (https://www.acceleratorfrankfurt.com/).


    In 2019 a record 4.5 bn US$ in cryptocurrencies was stolen… we still see the same trend. Hacks are increasing in size and in frequency …
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE



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    There are no solutions to own your crypto, how it should be.
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


    The Startup

    Officially the startup NGRAVE (https://www.ngrave.io/, https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ngrave´), based out of Brussels, Belgium. The story started as the former project of one of the three co-founders was hacked and approximately 10 million US$ worth in Ethereum was stolen. The old project was shut down and NGRAVE was founded to provide a secure way of storing digital or crypto assets.

    Venture Capital Funding

    NGRAVE is looking for funding in the second half of 2020.


    There are no backdoors in our product.
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


    Indiegogo Campaign

    At the time of the interview, the campaign was not yet launched. At the time of the publication the campaign already ended, but they raised more than 380.000 € (more than 450.000 US$), achieving more than 1.500% of their goal of 25.000 € (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/zero-the-most-secure-easy-to-use-crypto-wallet#/).


    Our device looks like a small smartphone. The device is completely disconnected from the world, so no hacker can access it. …. Nobody can ever steal the private keys, because they are never exposed.
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE

    Pre-order the Device (NGRAVE Zero)

    For everybody who missed the Campaign, you can buy the device here: https://www.ngrave.io/products/zero.
    This is not an affiliate link.


    The Video Interview is set to go live on Thursday, August 27th 19.00 CET


    You generate your private key at first activation of your NGRAVE Zero. Your biometric data like your fingerprint, but also external data like the ambient lighting at that moment. That makes statistically a unique key.
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE

    The Audio Podcast

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    We build our backup as a stainless-steel puzzle. It survives if your house burns down and since it is a puzzle – no one who random finds it – will know your private key
    Ruben Merre, CEO and Co-Founder NGRAVE


    Further Readings / Additional Resources


    IBAN https://www.investopedia.com/terms/i/iban.asp

    Blockchain Hacks https://www.investopedia.com/news/largest-cryptocurrency-hacks-so-far-year/

    Private Key https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/private-key




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    The Interviewer

    This interview was conducted by Jörn “Joe” Menninger, startup scout, founder, and host of Startuprad.io. Reach out to him:

    Biweekly publication in summer break

    Our founder

    A summer message from our founder Jörn “Joe” Menninger (LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase) in times of Corona.


    Hello and welcome, everybody, this is Joe – Founder and Host – of Startuprad.io. It is the beginning of July and I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out to you.

    First, I wanted to wish you a great summer – as great as it can be under the current circumstances.

    Second, I wanted to let you know that for July and August we take some time off. Our news is in the regular summer break – Enjoy your summer in New York Chris!

    We will also publish interviews only every other week. We normally used summer to publish interviews from our backlog, but since there have been almost no events we attended in person, there is less backlog.

    We will be back to a weekly publishing schedule in September. Until then, enjoy your time and thank you to all our listeners, who made us reach the podcast charts in now 35 countries across the world. The last ones added have been Hong Kong and Kuwait.

    If you like our podcast, consider supporting us on Patreon.

    Have a great summer and see you again in September!


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    Video – Enjoy the summer – As much as you can and stay safe